Rendering of galleries.

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    Can somone help?
    Check my blog .. here’s the question.
    Pine Creek Rail Trail has a gallery that was produced with a link … which leads to a kind of slide show with thumbnails at the bottom.
    Down a bit further …. Results from the PA Farm Show has a gallery that was produced the way I want it … no link (as above) simply all my photos which, if clicked, will then send you into the slide show.
    Why the inconsistent differences? These galleries were produced in the same manner?
    I want a simple gallery showing the photos selected. When clicked I want to see a larger version of the image – plain and simple. How do I do this consistently?
    Thanks very much. Waiting to hear back from someone!

    The blog I need help with is



    I hope I have correctly guessed what you mean. There was a change made that affected all blogs. A carousel was added that we cannot disable. Clicking “Permalink” in the Carousel view takes you to wherever the thumbnail used to (either the full image file or attachment page with comments). Staff have advised that this is the first iteration of the Carousel feature, so we’ll all have to wait and see what’s coming at us next.



    I use this resource when working with Galleries and hope you find it helpful as well. Not the Official Gallery FAQ.

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