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    how do i renew my website
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    What do you mean by “renew”/ Renew what? Did you have a domain mapping upgrade and allow it to expire? If so, then:
    what’s the URL starting with http:// for the domain?
    what’s the URL starting with http:// for the blog you were domain mapping from?


    yes i let it expire.
    i wana pay the 26 dollars for another year.



    Your domain name is in Redemption – you will need staff help to renew your domain name – this thread has already been flagged for the staff to help you



    This calavier attirude that we are experiencing since Staff went off on their meet-up and directed all the domain stuff here is an eye opener for sure.

    Read this >



    My thoughts on some of this would get me in trouble – but it is tough to see people with domain name problems

    Yesterday someone had let their domain name go into Redemption but decided against the Redemption charges and waited until the name fell into the wild – now the domain name is squatted on and they have a problem since the name is attached to an ongoing non-profit

    Guess time to find all my notes on how to make the renewal more better –

    The whatever they broke yesterday was a bust – then the upgrades can’t get the help and as you noted have been dumped into the forum


    no one is answering my ?
    ahha how do i simply enter my credit card number to renew my site and get it back live?



    We did answer your question. Your domain is in redemption because you failed to renew it before it expired. You will need Staff to assist you and this thread is flagged for Staff attention.



    @willynilly33: I sent an email outlining the options for getting back your domain. Please respond to that email directly to let me know how you’d like to proceed.

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