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Renew an expired domain

  1. It said to contact support, but app not possible to contact anyone here, so I might sound like a total idiot because my technical skills sucks. :P

    But I had a domain for my blog which expired in september last year, I would like to refresh that domain. But in the purchase menu it only said to contact support to renew this domain. What can I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. seems to be working - and current through Oct of this year. The domain is owned by a person with the first name of Alexander.

    Is this you and your blog?

    I will flag this for the staff to review your account.

    Also please check: Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades & Billing History to see what is current and what you paid for is set as the primary domain for and will appear in the address bar when you visit the site.

  3. Thats me. But l also want my prev domain. Epcot2011 to work. Thats what lm having problems with...

  4. It looks like has reverted to the wild - try buying it again (not renewing) - if you have problems try going to

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> and see if you can delete the domain mapping for Epcot2011 (assuming you did not just renew it) - sometimes when a domain name has been mapped to a blog stuff hangs around and the staff needs to clear something - this might be that something

    This is already flagged for the staff - so if you have problems post into hear again for the staff to help

  5. It dosent seem possible to delete the domain in this menu.

    In this menu it also says to contact support if I want to renew. I hope that the staff can help me soon.

  6. The staff are having a big meetup for a few days but they check the forum on a regular basis

  7. How long are they having this big meetup? :(

    Still no signs of help. :P

  8. expired on September 15 and has re-entered the public market. You can now re-register it by adding it via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

  9. This was not possible until today, as it was still listed in the domain list and if I wanted to renew it it said to contact support.

    Thanks for deleting it and making it possible for me to re-register.

  10. You're welcome!

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