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    Can I renew a CSS upgrade which was initally purchased by another person who is noit working with/for us anymore???

    The blog I need help with is



    If the initial purchaser contacts us, we can transfer the upgrade to your account. Otherwise, I recommend just waiting for it expire and then purchasing it again yourself.

    If you do wait for it to expire, copy and paste the custom CSS from Appearance -> Edit CSS in your Dashboard into a plain text file on your computer, just in case the changes are lost after expiration.



    hi macmanx,
    perfect! thx for your prompt answer. I am the one who initially purchased the CSS Upgrade for the VOESI-BLOG – Now mhoefferer – the owner – wants to purchase the UPGRADE (which will expire on 20th of May) by himself. Can you transfer the UPGRADE procedure to his account so that he will have the RENEW-BUTTON on his admin-page? Would be great.
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Best regards,



    We can do that, but for legality reasons, I need to receive the request from you via

    Sorry for not mentioning that earlier!

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