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    Hi, I’ve been trying to renew my domain (, but every time I click on Renew, nothing happens. I’d appreciate it if you’d answered it asap.

    The blog I need help with is


    The same happens to me as well. When I try it (my blog URL is and the domain I would like to renew is, I get a message “Product no longer available”. Actually, as far as I remember, I had activated the authomatically renewal last year. Please help



    Hi to you two. This thread has been tagged for staff’s attention.



    It sounds like there was a problem in the email. You should still be able to renew it manually via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Actually, I can’t do that. That’s exactly what hasn’t happened. I’ve tried millions of times to renew it manually, and I can’t.
    I have received the email telling me to renew it, but every time I click it’s the same, nothing happens…



    graycityrebels, don’t click the link in your email, go to Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.


    I’ve already tried it, Macmanx. It doesn’t work in my blog’s dashboard nor via email.
    That’s the whole point. I bought it via wordpress and now when I check on whois, it appears it’s registered through godaddy.



    Ah, there’s the problem. Your domain expired on December 10.

    Unfortunately, as the domain expired on December 10, you no longer own it. You’ll need to wait for the registrar to return it to the public market and then repurchase it.

    There is a very small chance that it’s still in redemption (and can therefore be re-purchased only by you with an additional fee), but it’s not showing as such in the status.

    If you’d like, I can inquire for you.


    When will it return to the public market? Because the only solution wordpress gives me is to buy it for $99 which is outrageous.

    Could you look into it for me? I´ve already contacted support but no answer yet either. Great service.


    I have the same question, how long does it take for the registra to return it to the public domain? I think my case is similar, my domain expired on December 13th.

    When I try to renew it, I get a message saying “Sorry, product not available”. Here a screenshot:



    Expired domains become the property of their registrar and are returned to the public market at their discretion. has no control over this process. You’ll need to wait for the registrar to release the domain for purchase again, which can take anywhere from 5 to 90 days.



    Yes, restoring it from redemption is the only solution here. The additional fee is imposed by our registrar partner, and we have no control over that. We also have no control over when they will release the domain to the public market.

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