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Renew Expired Domain Name

  1. how can i renew an expired domain name, there is no option to do so, I just end up here...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread and you will be notified when they respond.

  3. Ok, I messed something up and took over someone else's site by mistake, I figured out how to do it but forgot to add "BR" at the end , and now I have someone else's site...

  4. I guess now I need to transfer the payment I made to the correct site, any suggestions???? The system allowed me to renew the wrong site. I forgot to place (br) at the end and renewed dahoodshop instead.

  5. hmmmmm, does that mean that dahoodshop was expired and available???

  6. I cancelled and should get a refund on what I just did. Back at square one needing to renew

  7. fletcherplaceartsandbooks

    I need help with the same thing! my domain expired and there is no renewal button. Phillyinme, how did you figure out how to do it?

  8. I hope you have both noted what I posted previously. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread and you will be notified when they respond.

  9. @phillyinme: your domain name is currently unregistered, could you please try re-registering it via Store > Domains? Enter it into Add a Domain box and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

  10. @fletcherplaceartsandbooks: I don't see any domain names, past or present, associated with your user name. Could you please let me know the domain name you'd like to renew?

  11. Look's like everything was cleared, I was able to register with no problems, Thanks!!!

  12. fletcherplaceartsandbooks

    I'd like to renew
    It expired December 17, 2012.


  13. fletcherplaceartsandbooks

    livingisaprocess was the one who initially purchased it, but I am in charge of the organization. I purchased a similar domain too through my own wordpress login "jphoebus"

  14. Hi @fletcherplaceartsandbooks, I sent you a payment request for the renewal of Please let me know once you've completed it, so that I can set the correct expiration dates on your domain.

  15. fletcherplaceartsandbooks

    Thanks. Where was it sent? The person who started it, livingisaprocess, is no longer a part of Fletcher Place Arts and Books.

  16. @fletcherplaceartsandbooks, - the email would have been sent to the email of record (account that owns the upgrade) for the upgrade -

  17. sagarsbhandare

    Hi Support team,

    I want to renew which is pointed to my blog

    Please help me to renew this domain

  18. @sagarsbhandare: I sent you an email about the recovery options for your domain, please review and reply whenever convenient.

    For anyone else who needs to renew an expired domain name, thanks in advance for starting a new thread here: - keeping different requests separate helps the support team stay organized.

  19. @fletcherplaceartsandbooks: indeed, the payment request was sent to the administrator of the blog who originally purchased that upgrade. Sorry I forgot to clarify it in my previous response. Since they are still the domain name owner, could you please have them post on this thread confirming that they authorize the domain transfer to you? I'll then resend the payment request to you directly.

  20. sagarsbhandare

    Jenia, Yes I received the email
    Unfortunately I am not going to renew (I am sure 100% of late domain owners will not renew this)
    $98 is too much cost compared to previous cost $18.
    This was not expected at all from wordpress to charge 5 times more than earlier cost.

    Certainly I would not renew it. I can take some other address in lesser cost from someone else.

    Thanks for taking time to answer my query.

    Sagar Bhandare

  21. Hi Sagar, as I mentioned in my email, the additional $80 redemption fee is set by the registrar, and we have no control over it. There were email notifications as well as dashboard warnings informing you about the upcoming domain expiration. I am sorry I was not able to help more.

  22. sagarsbhandare

    Hi Jenia,

    Yes I can understand the situation from your end. Next time onward I will renew my new domain in time.


  23. @sagarsbhandare - it looks like your domain name might be dropping out of Redemption soon back into the wild - you might be able to buy it again at the regular price if you are lucky

    @jenia - would it help @@sagarsbhandare if you cleared his old domain name from his blog to make it easier for him if he wants to try and buy the old domain name?

  24. Sagar, if you wish, I can remove the subscription record from your blog. I see that the primary domain has been changed to, where your content is available.

    @auxclass: unfortunately, deleting the subscription records does not free up the domain or make it available sooner once it's past its expiration date.

  25. I know it does not change the timing but I have seen a few times where it seemed that the blog held onto the fact that a domain name had been associated with that blog and the person was not able to purchase the original domain name even after it had reverted to the wild and they needed some sort of help to clear something on the blog to let the domain name be purchased again -

  26. sagarsbhandare

    Hi Jenia,

    yes please, you can remove subscription record.
    Later I will register suitable domain and redirect my blog to it.


  27. @sagarsbhandare: I've removed your subscription records as requested.

    @auxclass: I think you are referring to re-registering the domain on once it's expired. The system does ask the user to contact us if a subscription record still exists, so that we can check if the domain is still in redemption.

  28. Hello,
    I am also experiencing difficulty renewing my domain name, which is: (on go-daddy, thru

    Can u please send me a link to renew?
    fyi: I have a new email address: [email redacted]

  29. @philomenedubois: hi there, your domain expired a while ago and you can re-register it at this point. You can do it under Store > Domains, enter it under "Add a Domain" and follow the prompts.

    For anyone else having difficulties renewing a domain, please contact us via

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