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  1. I can't access my site on line and I just renewed it.
    Blog url:

  2. Apparently my site went down even though I'm paid through Jan 2013. I just paid $20 to renew and still can't access my site ( on line. Thanks

  3. - does not seem to be registered at all - did you receive an email receipt for the upgrade?

    Are there any charges in Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades or Billing History?

    I have also flagged this for staff attention

  4. Thanks Auxclass. I did not receive an email receipt. It just says that my upgrade will expire July of 2013. I just want my site up and running.

  5. Which upgrade?

    It looks like your domain registration expired over 60 days ago and the domain name has reverted back to the wild - you should be able to purchase the domain name again - if it was me - I would register the domain name now and sort out any confusion with the charges later - loosing the domain name sucks especially if you have been using it for a while and have it on things like business cards etc.

  6. You're right, my domain name expired 1/25/2012. I only see the opportunity to add domain name and when I do, it says that name has already been mapped. Yes, my domain name is on my business card!

  7. I found a page that allows me to add DNS records for this domain but I have no idea what they are asking me.

  8. OK - sometimes a blog will hang onto old mapping and prevent buying the domain name again - the staff needs to clear the blog - the other option would be to buy the domain name registration with another account - the mapping could then be done with your current account and the registration transferred by the staff to the correct account

  9. What do you mean 'with another account'?
    Will the staff correct this in a reasonable time period?
    Thanks again for your help

  10. Should I change my username to have another account?

  11. Sorry for the trouble!

    You should be able to register the domain name now by adding it via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

  12. Great. I have the domain name now but when I try to find my page, my browser can't find it. Does it take time before I can access my page?

  13. Sorry, no more question! I just read the email about the 72 hours. Guess I'm too excited about getting my page back! Thanks so much for your help, Jason

  14. You be welcome & good luck

  15. PS - your site loads fine for me - you seem to have everything set correctly - you will be the last one to see the changes -

    Patience Grasshopper

    I love it when a plan comes together

  16. two of my favorite tv shows!!

    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges, or patience for that matter. My site is up and running. Can't thank you enough. Go ahead, make my day!

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