Renewal of Domain Mapping: Country not listed in payment methods

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    My domain mapping (to a custom domain) expires on 17th and am required to make the payment to renew the mapping. The payment methods (credit card/ paypal) don’t show my country (Sri Lanka) in the drop down list. What am I supposed to do now?

    The blog I need help with is


    Member uses PayPal as the payment processor, and as such, can only accept payment from countries they support:

    For whatever reason, they have chosen to block payment from your country, so you will not be able to purchase an upgrade here unless you have a source of payment outside of it.

    In addition to major credit cards Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and PayPal can accept echecks and some debit cards.

    The debit card must have a VISA or Mastercard symbol on it, and should work just like a credit card when selecting the VISA or Mastercard option on the payment form, even though it’s a debit card.

    More about echecks here:



    Thank you for the reply.
    1) PayPal is supported in Sri Lanka to “make payments” (refer ) . I use PayPal with services like eBay, etc. But in this case when I select PayPal option, Sri Lanka is not listed in the drop-down list. I can’t understand why.

    2) I do have a debit card with VISA. I have been using the card for various online transactions without any issue. But again here, when I select credit card in the payment method, once again I’m required to select my country. And Sri Lanka is not listed in the list.

    So, the issue I’m having is that my country is not listed in the list provided by whereas both payment methods are regularly used by me on different sites. Thanks.


    Member bans Paypal and credit card transactions from certain countries if they’ve had a great deal of trouble with them. The solution is for you to buy a prepaid credit card from an approved country and use that.

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