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    I am leaving the institution whose website I run. I need to take my credit card information off the account. I was curious if there was any way of writing and sending a check to pay for our next year’s worth of WordPress, and to remove my credit card information? If we can’t remove the CC info, can we at least write a check instead of being re-billed via my card?

    The blog I need help with is



    Currently there is no ability to pay directly by check – but PayPal and some other ways will work – sorry I can’t remember the options

    You can transfer the domain registration to another account – you should also be able to remove you credit card info and place the domain registration on manual renew

    Currently there is no way to pay ahead of the normal renewal period

    Hopefully one of the other forum volunteers will help with the options – I will also flag this for the staff to help



    I have disabled auto-renew on your account, which removes the credit card info on file.

    Would you like the ownership of the value bundle and transferred to a different user, along with ownership of the site, or are you giving them the account?



    Thank you!
    I mean, everything is staying exactly the same, I am just physically leaving the group, so I needed to keep myself from being charged for the renewal.

    I need to know who we can pay our subscription fees without a credit card. Is there an address that we can mail a check?



    No, we can only accept payment via credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

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