Renewed my domain name only to find it led to a completely different site

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    The site in question that my domain name ( leads to is this exactly:

    Now I have gone 4 months without renewing my domain name. My site had gone on an hiatus of sorts. Prior to renewing my domain name which I did about 5 minutes ago I saw that both and my openID: led to

    I was quite confused by seeing this and figured renewing my domain name would help, but I saw no change.

    So now my question is how exactly do I fix this?


    I just received the email right now confirming and including the receipt for my purchase of domain mapping.

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like we have already replied to your email.

    If you need further help, please reply to our email.



    Dear Happiness Engineer,
    So according to My Upgrades, is indeed my primary blog. Domain Helper verifies this. Yet I just published two posts and an “about” page on my primary blog. But, when I type in the URL, I get the “Hello World” intro page, which is at the address. Yet when I type in, the new posts appear. I noticed in my Account setting that there is no dropdown menu option to choose or (a secondary URL address that points to There are only addresses. Please help. I have tried everything.

    Thank you

    Julie Trump



    However is really mapped to – not the spelling “dot”

    You will need staff help if you want to move mapping to



    Oh Thanks, but I don’t want to move to the address. I want to be able to type in my registered domain name — which I paid WordPress to map — and have my primary blog page come up. Right now, according to Domain Helper, my primary address is in fact Yet my blog with published posts does not come up when I type in that URL. What comes up is the intro “Hello” page that is still attached to However, if I were to type into the address bar, I would see my published posts (not the Hello Page). My Account Setting page does not even list as an option for choosing as my primary address. Only addresses.



    P.S. I purchased the domain mapping upgrade for on October 7. So a time lag is not the issue. Thanks again.



    Domain Mapping Info

    Just to clarify on ‘auxclass’ point:

    when one types into address bar, it is being redirected to

    but you actually want, redirected to ? vs

    maybe the wrong blog was mapped?


    Hi julietrump,

    thebluegger is absolutely right.

    You have mapped to, not I can change the mapping assignment if you would like – just let me know. :)



    Yes, I just checked it out…and thebluegger is absolutely right. Thank you so much thebluegger for taking the time to figure it out! I am touched.

    Coffemanmatt, If you, would change the mapping assignment…I would be eternally grateful. Please do.

    Now I have to say I am confused. On what blog would I “new post.” or And would it automatically appear on the other?

    Sorry to be so obtuse, I thought I understood until this. Now I am second-guessing.


    Thank you for your help!!!!


    Hi julietrump,

    I’ve switched the domain mapping for you. is now mapped to your blog. You may need to clear your browser cache and cookies to see the change.

    When you make a new post, you use the blog – what the domain mapping does is show the domain name in your browser’s address bar instead of the address. You can use either one to reach the blog.

    If you have any more questions, please do let me know.



    Glad to know the problem has been solved. :)

    However, “auxclass” deserves the credits. Auxclass is the one who figured it out.



    I meant Auxclass is the one who figured out the issue about mapping first. I just re-confirmed it. :)

    We can’t edit our comments, can we?



    You are all my heroes! auxclass and the bluegger and coffeemanmatt.
    My blog is now correctly mapped thanks to Coffeemanmatt. I’d buy you a cup of coffee in gratitude if I could. Have a great week. Julie



    You be welcome – glad it ended up fixed –

    for some reason having a spelled out “dot” in the base WordPress.COM blog is a common error – don’t know if the software has a bug in it or the way the registration software works makes operator issues (won’t say operator errors since if the software leads you down the wrong road I don’t blame the operator automatically)



    We can’t edit our comments, can we?

    No – not unless you are a Moderator or Staff

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