Renewing a domain but not hosting.

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    My friend bought a domain and theme through wordpress, she wants to keep her domain but cancel her hosting. Is this possible? I’m new to WordPress in general. Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    All host here at WordPress.COM is free of charge. WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are completely separate and have different logins.

    If you’ve registered your domain through and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.

    Please have your friend log in here and communicate directly with us. Working through others is never the best course of action to take.



    Also note this please:

    Note: Premium Themes that are licensed for use only cannot be transferred to self-hosted sites. provides a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. Log in as Admin under the exact username account that registered the blog and purchased the upgrades for the blog . Then request a refund yourself directly from the Store -> My Upgrades section of your Dashboard, or contact support to request a refund.


    Hi there, thanks for your help.

    Everything is clear now, thank you :)



    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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