Renewing an expired domain

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    I am having trouble renewing a domain during the grace period – the website either instructs me to go to My Upgrades and renew it (but there is no option to renew it, it simply says it expired (yesterday), or it tells me to send an email to “contact us” and they’ll sort it out. But when I click on the “contact us” link it just takes me to this support site, where I can search for an answer, or post to the community (as I am doing now). It is extremely frustrating! I’ve been going around in circles for hours trying to simply figure out how to pay $13 to renew my domain… Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    you need to be logged in as the EXACT account / user that owns an upgrade to renew it. Is there another account you might have used to purchase the upgrade?

    I have also flagged this for staff attention if you need more help



    PS – what is the base WordPress.COM blog ( and the custom domain name you need help with?

    That will help the staff help you



    Thanks – I still can’t figure it out. I believe I purchased it with my account, and can’t find any way to renew it. The base WordPress blog site is and I had purchased .
    Thanks for your help – what I don’t understand also is that I had not received any emails warning me that it was about to exprire. I only received one telling me it had just expired.



    Hi St├ęphane – Those upgrades are indeed owned by another user account:

    It looks like you figured this out though! :)

    Let me know if you need further help.

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