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    Last year, I went through a name change. I went from to
    I’ve redirected iheartmakeupart to siciliannabeauty. iheartmakeupart is coming up for renewal- I don’t want to renew it but my media files still read iheartmakeupart.wordpress.
    If I let the redirect expire, am I going to “lose” the images or go through any other issues with the current site (siciliannabeauty)?

    Sorry if this is confusing!

    The blog I need help with is



    Since the media files are accessed via the address and not the domain-mapped address you won’t lose them when the domain-mapping expires. I always wondered why media is accessed via the URL even in a mapped blog – this must be why!

    Just don’t delete the old blog, as you do need that still!


    So you’re saying I can let the redirect expire, just not delete the entire link right?



    Yes that’s right. You still need the blog to exist for the media files, but no domain maping or redirect is needed.

    At some point you could move all your images to the new blog if you wanted to be rid of the old one completely, but this is time-consuming and error-prone. I actually did this and after I deleted my old blog I was finding broken images in old posts for months!


    Definitely don’t want to go through any image issues.
    Thanks for your help! :)



    Hi there,

    I concur that letting your domain expire will not break your images with your old site name. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


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