Renewing domain in case of blog becoming self-hosted

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    I bought a domain + redirection service from What is the procedure in case in the future I want to move to a self-hosted plan? I.e. where and how do I renew the domain name only?

    The blog I need help with is


    You would renew the domain name through your dashboard here at wordpress.COM, and you will I think get an email (to the address on the account here) and also get a notification in the dashboard of the account here when it is time to renew.

    I’ve modlooked this post and hopefully staff will pop in and confirm the above.

    Alternately you could verify it with staff directly at .



    I confirm the above :)

    Renewing early does not harm, you don’t lose any time so do renew when you remember.
    A domain is far too valuable to be forgotten.

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