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renewing domain subscription by a new person

  1. Our domain name subscription needs to be renewed (1 day left), but in the meantime, the person who purchased it bailed out from our organization. He added me as a contact for the domain name however, there does not appear to be a link/option to re-subscribe. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All upgrades are owned by the original account - they need to transfer the upgrades to you if you want to renew them -

    they can transfer upgrades from the Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades

    Or they can log into this thread with the account that owns the upgrades and request the staff to transfer the upgrades to you- please be very clear with exactly what is to be transferred - from - to - which upgrades

    I will flag this for the staff to help

  3. I'm the other person involved here, [email redacted] The upgrade mentioned above is mapping to which I just did today. We also transferred the admin email under Settings- General to ldebarbaro's email address, [email redacted] So next year, when the upgrade comes due again, she will be notified, not me, correct? If not, please make the changes required to transfer everything over to her email address. thanks

  4. whoops,the email addresses were deleted from the post, so how do I get you the info you need?

  5. I have transferred ownership of the upgrade to ldebarbaro as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  6. thanks- can you also please remove me completely from the blog- it doesn't allow me to do that

  7. The current owner will need to remove you via the Users section of the blog's Dashboard.

  8. You need to also transfer ownership of the blog to a different person / account

    Go to Dashboard >> My Blogs >> when you mouse over the blog name you will see Transfer Blog as an option - click on the Transfer and follow the instructions - about three steps with an email to click on and the blog is transferred

    CAUTION: there is not much checking on the account name other than the spelling and does the account exist - so a spelling error can send the blog to the wrong account and you will need the staff to help retrieve it

  9. @macmanx - welcome back to the forum :)

    I thought that a blog owner could not be removed from a blog that they needed to transfer the blog to another account before they could leave or be removed from a blog? Or did I miss the blog ownership transfer in the thread above?


  10. Thanks for the welcome, glad to be back! :)

    He's not actually the owner in this case, so the owner can safely remove him.

  11. @macmanx
    I'm very happy to see you here too.

  12. OK - I did not miss anything but also can't see who the owner is

    Thanks for the clarification

  13. captnmike, you're welcome!

    timethief, thanks, you too!

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