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    Okay, I’m lost. Ever since my links became bookmarks and my link categories and post categories were fused together into categories in general, all of my sidebar links have been reordered by name. I spent a lot of time setting those up and assigning a rating so that they would appear in the exact order I wanted. Now there’s suddenly no sort order option at all. Is this limited to my theme or is it sitewide?


    the blogroll widget just completely defies all the standards for widgets, and destroys all the ffunctionality of your links manager.

    until a) more widgets are added or b) the widget is fixed, you’re just SOL.



    I’m suggesting sending in a feedback as I would like to see sort options within the widget as well.


    if you send in a feedback, here’s a good start on a widget that would respect all of the options from the link manager, as well as adhering to the widgets api:
    i’ll probably put it together and release it in a couple days. (read: over the weekend)



    Until the sudden change from links to bookmarks, the sort order worked fine. All my links were sorted within their (now nonexistant) link categories by rating except for my chicklets which were sorted by the order they were entered. Now all of them are sorted by name with no option to reorder them. Strangely, the now useless rating option still comes up when I go to add or edit links.

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