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Reordering pictures in gallery

  1. Earlier I could reorder pictures in a gallery. Now it's not an option anymore. I this a bug or someting, or did you choose for it to be like this?

  2. Only staff can tell you that, and they don't respond much in the forums. Contact them most efficiently from the dashboard Support button; there was someone earlier saying she used the Contact Form on the page below and it didn't work, twice.

    So use your dashboard.

  3. There are indeed changes afoot, but it looks like an improvement.

    While in the Editor of the post that contains the Gallery, click on the "Add Image" button of the Editor and then on the Gallery tab that shows the images you want to rearrange. In addition to now being able to renumber the images, you should also be able drag your image to rearrange the order. That last bit of info gleaned from an earlier post by bnrsmith here

  4. Yes! justjennifer, thank you :-D

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