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reordering posts for new blog

  1. For a new blog I would like to enter some back-dated posts so I can get them to list in a certain order. The example is if I'm moving some posts from another site. Or posts that tell a story chronologically, but I entered one out of order.

    If I back-date a new post, the date is accepted ok, but it still doesn't put it in chronological order. How do I reorder posts?

  2. talkingbaseball

    What's your blog site please?

  3. Strange: it should re-order them. Try deleting it and posting it again, with the altered timestamp right from the get-go. Report back how that works.

  4. Ok, thanks for responding. My blog is

    I just added a new post with a backdate of 1/1/07. The post shows up at the end, without regard for date. I now have 3 posts in the blog, all in reverse chronological order.
    Any ideas?

  5. Actually they're in the correct order. Latest post date wise is always at the top. That way when the blog loads, a visitor can quickly see what's new.

  6. Ummm, ok I feel dumb. I'll go away now.....

  7. Not a problem. Someone remind me to tell the story about teaching my ex how to use a computer mouse someday. :)

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