Reorganising my blog, please help a dunce.

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    I am not extremely computer savvy, I know what I need to know and that’s it. I try and work out new things and follow the instructions, but I get lost. I’d like to reorganise my blog into three headings. Cakes, Posts and Sunday Smut. Then I want to be able to click on that button and on that page will be all the posts I have made under those headings.

    What I would also like is to create excerpts instead of have a huge scrolling page of posts (because I write a lot, not frequently).

    Yes, this is explained in in the help, but I’m doing something wrong. What I need is a ‘wordpress for dummies to teach even dummier dummies’ or something. If I could trust someone, I’d be willing to give them my password and sort that shit out for me instead.

    Maybe I need to find a new template or something, I’m not sure.

    All useful help is gratefully recieved, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    First: we need the URL of your blog, starting with http. We need that every time you ask a question. After we have that, answering will be simple.



    Here is the URL registered to their account




    The answer is: you will need to use those terms, Cakes, Posts, and Sunday Smut, as categories or tags, and put the Category widget in the sidebar. Some themes have custom menus and in that case, you can use the Category link as a tab in your header.

    If you want only excerpts on your category pages, just pick a theme that will do that. There is a list at

    If you want only excerpts on your MAIN page, then use the Read More tag, which is explained here:


    After you categorize your posts, go to Appearance>Menus, tick the categories in the Categories Module, click Add to Menu, click Save Menu in the Menus module, select that menu from the dropdown in the Theme Locations module, click Save.


    Thanks guys.

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