Repeated error message when trying to update Menus

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    Hi – I’m trying to adjust the structure of our menus but every time I try to update am receiving the following message.

    “Goshdarnit! Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault. We’ve just notified of the problem. Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so kind reload in a minute and things should be back to normal.”

    The problem is that when you reload the page the menus are no longer in the order that you tried to save them and in most cases ones that were sub-menus are incorrectly appearing in the top level menu bar.

    We’ve tried in IE, Firefox and Chrome and same is happening in all.

    Any suggestions? We have quite a lot of menus to move and this is becoming very frustrating! We’re using the ‘Linen’ theme if that has any relevance.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will see it and look into it shortly for you. If they don’t, contact them directly on Monday the 17th after the support contact form opens back up. , search for anything, scroll down and click “No…” and then the form will appear.


    thanks for your help thesacredpath!


    I see the tag is now off this thread, have you tried again to see if you are getting the same error or not?


    Unfortunately have just tried it again and the problem is still happening! Not sure why the tag was removed as there’s been no communication from anyone other than you so far!



    The tag has not been removed. I can see it very clearly.



    That’s because I just added it.


    thanks everyone. Hopefully we’ll hear from someone soon. Our menus are a real shambles now so would be good to get it fixed :)


    Just in addition to the above…we’ve ended up creating a menu again from scratch and have trashed the old one. We found that the error only started to occur when the number of sub-menus increased – initially it didn’t appear at all.

    Is there perhaps a limit to how many menus/submenus you can have in wordpress? The page does seem to start struggling to save when we’ve added quite a few and the error message seems to be a result of the page timing out (at a guess?).

    We’ve cut back on some of menus to just the core ones we need but the number of sub-menus is dictated by each artist on our roster, so it’s likely our number of subs will only increase in the future, rather than decrease…so in short we’re really hoping there is a solution to this problem!



    We don’t have an definitive limit for what can be in the menu, but everything has a ceiling at some point.

    With that said, you have well over a hundred items in your menu, so you have found the ceiling.

    I recommend cutting some of those sub-sub-items out and just having a few pages with links on them.


    One other possibility would be to move some of them into a custom menu widget in the sidebar. Perhaps there is a group or two or three that would, or could, make sense in a sidebar custom menu widget instead of in the top navigation.


    Ok thanks again everyone – will have a think about what we could maybe shift or lose.



    You’re welcome!

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