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    I am able to upload posts to my blog fine, using MarsEdit, but nearly every time I go to look at my blog I am told that the password is not correct. (Then, of course, I have to go through the ill-designed “get a new password” process, which confuses everyone because the first email sent by wordpress actually doesn’t contain the new password, just a link to click that never works! But that is another matter)

    My question here is, why does my password become invalid?

    One thread on this issue in the forum recommended clearing *all* cookies—in Safari 2, & probably other browsers, it is not possible to delete only selected cookies. That’s rather drastic & makes it likely I will lose some things, as well as definitely having to reenter a lot of things at a lot of sites. So I do not regard clearing cookies as a solution. No other site I use has ever had this recurring problem.

    The free blog is great, it offers features does not yet offer, but I am wondering if this is some way of influencing people to migrate to the paid wordpress.



    It is probably your browser re-entering the wrong detail.
    It is most definitely not a way of asking people to move.

    Can you try another browser?
    Why not complete the new password process?
    Upgrade to Safari 3? (which Apple would say too)



    The first email you receive doesn’t contain the password because if it did, anyone who knew your email address could reset your password.

    We absolutely positively don’t make deliberate bugs in the free version to try to annoy people into upgrading. It would have the opposite effect.

    As Mark says, probably a browser issue. If your browser has an option or a plugin that automatically enters passwords for you, try turning it off.

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