Repeated problems with changing email address AND deleting unwanted blogs

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    In October I changed my email address. I keep getting emails from you (to the new address) asking me to confirm. I do that – but in my settings there is still a red message from you saying it is “pending”. And every time I open the message from you which asks me for email address and password, and try to fill it in, it tells me one or the other is wrong. So I reset my password, and STILL I have problems. BUT, if I use the new email address/user name and password to log into my website, it works fine. So I’m puzzled and would like this problem fixed if possible so that you don’t keep sending me the same email! I’ve had a similar problem with removing unwanted blogs – I have three blogs but when I set them up I misread the instructions and inadvertently landed up with six! Bearing similar names. Several attempts to get rid of these following your instructions have failed and the unwanted blogs still remain on my site.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – could you please let me know:

    – the old email address you no longer want connected to gardenezi
    – the new, correct email address you want connected to gardenezi
    – any other usernames you have in addition to gardenezi
    – the addresses of any blogs you would like to delete

    Once I have the information, I’ll be glad to investigate further and help get this sorted out for you. Thanks very much.

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