Rephrasing my question: this is a gallery within a post problem

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    How can I delete the garment center image from the 9-image gallery within my new post without deleting the larger version of the same image from the top of the post? I’ve been deleting and re-uploading repeatedly without solving the problem. This is the first time that I have tried to insert a gallery into a post and don’t know what to do next. TIA

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks, panaghiotisadam,

    There’s a lot to wade through but I guess that the answer to my problem is in the section below. I don’t get the part about uploading the image from a different, existing post or page but will try later and hope it works even though I have the Day Dream theme that seems to have (or had?) particular problems.

    “How can I display an image in the same Post or Page without it being a part of the Gallery?
    Any image you upload in the same Post or Page where your Gallery appears will automatically be included in that Gallery, so upload it to your Media Library from a different, existing Post or Page, Save your changes and then close the Image Uploader. Go back to the Gallery Post or Page where you want to insert the separate image and then use the “Insert in Post” button in the Image Uploader to insert the image into your Post or Page. In order to avoid navigation problems, you should link the image to either “None” or “Image URL”.”


    Point is you mustn’t upload the individual image in the same post with the gallery. So:

    Step 1: delete the image from the post AND the media library.
    Step 2: add a new post (draft only), upload and insert the image there.
    Step 3: copy its code and paste it in the gallery post (in the html editor, of course).



    Thank you, panaghiotisadam, for steps 1,2, &3. I thought I followed them but must have missed something because only the image description — not the image — ended up where the image should be.

    I copied the image url from the media library into the IMG box of the html editor, but wasn’t sure if that was where you meant. Maybe I need twelve steps : )


    If I meant paste the image URL in the img box, I would have written that! Step 3 was copy the image code from the html editor of the draft post and paste it in the html editor of the gallery post.

    Anyway, what you did would have worked if you hadn’t written the beginning of the URL (the http-dots-slashes part) twice.



    Hi, panaghiotisadam, My post is fine now, thank you very much, and my apologies for not doing what step 2 clearly said to do (now that I have re-read it carefully).

    I did notice the duplicate http://s but didn’t feel confident enough to delete one of them.

    So thank you again for your help and patience. And thanks also for the “links tutorial” from several months ago. It takes me a while to do the links properly, but I’m happy to see the end of the “wretched little lines” too.

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