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Replace default widget titles by a picture

  1. I'm really sorry to bother you with that, I know this question has already been asked a lot of time. I'm looking for an aswer for severals days but I can't figure out how to do it. I desperatly try to change my default widgets titles in my sidebar("recents comments", "archives" "categories") to replace them by a picture.
    Can anyone help me please? I try to make the image appear by using the HTML code <img src=""> in place of the title but I don't know where exactly to place this code. I'm actually using the default theme. Is there a special type of picture to use? (jpg? Gif?..)

  2. Can't be done in the titles of the widgets, text only is allowed.

  3. Thanks for the fast answer! If I can't do it, is there a way at least to delete the titles? I will then maybe create text widgets with my HTML code and place them before each widget.

  4. I have just found a way by editing the stylesheet.css.
    This part of the code: #sidebar h2
    I have added this lign - background-image:url("image url"); - . That works fine, better than nothing I guess...

  5. Here's the result: that's not the definitive background image in the sidebar.

  6. I notice blueshirts' blog is self-hosted, so bloggers hoping to achieve the same effect would need the CSS upgrade. Also, the Fox sports widget would not work on a .com blog.

  7. I took the default theme because I couldn't find one theme that was matching what I planed to do. I made "little" changes and I'm quite surprised by the result. I didn't know everything about CSS stuff before I started. I'm a newcomer in the Blogosphere. I definitively don't regret to host my own blog if you say that It's not possible to do such modifications on a non self-hosted blog.
    I strongly recommend for someone who wants to works on a theme like I do, to host a copy of his blog locally on his computer. No risks that way to make irreversible mistakes on the real blog! ;)

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