Replace previously uploaded image, possible to retain folder?

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    Just wanted to know if it’s possible to replace a previously uploaded image with a new one and not have WP place the file in a new month format? Reason being, the file is used to display the Facebook Like button which I place on the top of each post and I want to replace the graphic. I don’t believe changing the computer’s date would make a difference since this is handled by WP back end.

    The blog I need help with is


    Afraid not. WordPress will always upload images into the current month/year folder.



    I just thought of something and I’d like the opinion of other people on this… Would uploading the new image file, exporting the blog, opening the XML file in a text editor, doing a find-replace of the old image’s URL and replacing it with the new one and importing the blog work?

    Shimworld, please don’t try this until we get the advice of other people :-)


    In theory the export, find and replace and import would work, but I would not recommend it as there are just too many things that could go wrong. I’m afraid there is no easy solution to this problem.



    I knew I should have hosted that link externally. But wait, that would go against my principle of hosting so that someday when I give up my external host, the links aren’t broken.

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