Replacement for Fresh & Clean?

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    I’m majorly bummed that Fresh & Clean was retired – it was exactly what I needed for some new sites I want to create and I cannot find anything vaguely like it.

    My needs are simple – a clean, professional looking site with a custom header, nice listing of summaries of posts with thumbnails, and a nice, normal looking feature posts slider.

    The blog I need help with is



    These are the themes that support a posts slider:



    Thanks, justpi, but none of those seem to meet the criteria described above, or come as close to it as Fresh & Clean. For example “Fresh News” looks ok, but it uses an oddball menu system based on categories rather than pages. Currents doesn’t include blurbs in post listings. Twenty-Eleven doesn’t really have a slider, it has a weird mapping of featured images in the header. Academia looks nice, but doesn’t overlay any text on its slider. Oxygen has a really ugly text overlay on the slider. I use wordpress for the website of professional organizations – which I would think wordpress would want to support – and it did it well with Fresh & Clean.



    Can anyone offer some advice here? I just cannot find anything in the current themes which comes close enough to Fresh & Clean, and I need to make some new sites that match the ones I already have. Can I lobby somewhere for Fresh & Clean to come out of retirement? I thought since I’d already used it I could continue to do so, but no – only for the sites where I’d already used it.


    I’m sorry but each theme here is unique. justpi posted the link to all themes with post sliders above. There are no other themes that are identical to the Fresh and Clean theme. This is a technical support forum and lobbying the Themes Staff to reverse a decision they already made will not be successful.

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