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    I’m having trouble finding a quick answer to my questions. I bought the upgrade (whiuch, as I understand it, allows me to make changes to a template by editing the CSS language). So I edit the CSS, delete the default language, and paste the CSS language from a ready-made template (Kubrick’s China-Red).

    Now… although I have paid for the upgrade, my only option is PREVIEW. When I preview, I see the old template, NOT China-Red.

    So it occurred to me that this CSS code needs to be able to find the image files. So after another hour or so of research, I downloaded FileZilla. Can I not FTP the China-Red files to

    I have essentially started this project from scratch and have spent over 2 weeks just trying to get the layout of my blog.

    Am I even on the right track here? I prefer not to pay for hosted web space if I don’t need to.

    Sleepless in Atlanta



    If you check the threads in the css forum you will find that reaper has previously ported China Red and it’s ready to go or at least that’s what I understood. Hang in please and I’ll do some checking.

    Edit: Okay here we go. Here’s the thread with the css coding
    and here’s the thread on reaper’s site
    If you check the css forum thread thread and reaper’s site maybe you can find the answer to your question. Good luck.



    Even if the images aren’t working, you shouldn’t be seeing the old template. People do seem to be having problems with the CSS upgrade not initially showing up when they’ve paid for it. If that’s the case, it’s a technical problem and you need to send a feedback through your admin panel.

    Looking at the China Red CSS in the thread tt posted, you will need to upload the image files and change their urls in the stylesheet, but as we don’t have FTP access you’ll have to upload the images through the image uploader on the post page. Then it’s just a matter of going through the CSS and changing the image locations to the new ones; e.g. chimg/bgcolor.jpg to http:// And check that the ‘no style’ option is selected under Sandbox skins, that’s tripped me up a couple of times ;)



    Is this the URL for my uploaded files? I have searched the WP site, but have been unable to determine exactly where my files go.

    Assuming it is the URL you indicated above, I edited the CSS language to indicate the location of the files. Still, I see the default template.

    (Again – although I have paid to upgrade, I am not given the option to SAVE any CSS changes, only preview.)

    Sleepless in ATL



    Took about 4-5 hours IIRC for my upgrade to show up but I do not know when it was actually turned on for me. It did take a bit though.



    Yes, URLs for uploaded files take the format http:// Avatars are http:// (I’m pretty sure they all get converted to .jpgs, for ease of management and avoidance of annoying animations)

    I don’t know whether this is in the FAQ yet, but it is true nonetheless.

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