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    Well…I removed my bio and CV in my title page as I was playing around, and now I can’t replace them…! argggg. I THINK it is in a page function, but can’t figure it out? I started all this hoo-haa because I was trying to get a header like this one: – I like the wide black border…
    Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I checked out the sample site and I took a peek at the theme options, and it notes:

    Custom Menu

    The Primary Menu is located to the right of your site title, and can be configured by going to Appearance -> Menus.

    The information about how to do a custom menu is here:

    Now, you’ve already started a custom menu, which is great! But you need one more step before we dive into that.

    First, go to Pages > New Page:
    *Create an About page, add any text you like, and save it.

    Now, go to Appearance > Menus
    *Scroll down until you see the Pages module on the left
    *Select “About”
    *Save your menu

    Now go back to your Pages (Dashboard > Pages > All Pages)
    *Go to edit your CV page
    *On the right side, you’ll see Page Attributes
    *Change “no parent” to “About” from the drop-down menu

    You’ll need to do this with your Bio page as well.

    Once you do these steps, your custom menu will appear AND bio and cv pages will be nested under your About page!

    I hope that helps!



    I am not able to do what you are suggesting. Every time I go to Now, go to Appearance > Menus
    *Scroll down until you see the Pages module on the left
    *Select “About”
    *Save your menu
    I have to do a search for “about” page, and I save it to menu, which does appear on the right side of the screen, but when I leave this and go to pages, *Go to edit your CV page, *On the right side, you’ll see Page Attributes
    *Change “no parent” to “About” from the drop-down menu –
    there is NO “about’ page. Only the CV and bio pages……



    How in the world did I do this in the first place??? It seemed so easy then — this is crazy difficult!



    I discovered that the ‘about’ page was on my home page, so I edited it by opening this page and adding media into the page.
    I would still like to know how to do what you described tho…..



    Hi again,

    I’m really sorry you’re frustrated!

    So, the very first thing that you’ll have to do is make your bio and CV pages “children” of your “about” page. I’ve gone ahead and done this for you, but here are the steps:

    *Go to your bio page first in edit mode:
    Pages > All Pages > Bio/edit

    *Then, under “page attributes” on the right, select “About” from the list.

    *Click “update” above that module.

    *Do the same steps with the CV page.

    Then, you would need to go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Menus page to add these children to the menu. I’ve also done this for you, but here are the steps:

    *Go to the Menus page

    *Select CV and Bio (which are showing up as children of About) from the Pages module on the left

    *Click “Add to menu”

    *Manually shift them to the right so that they fall under “About” instead of appearing on the same level.

    *Click “Save menu”

    All done!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    Well, thanks for doing this for me. I am actually interested in making this happen myself, so I will try to duplicate this on another ‘about’ page to see, but will name it ‘test’.

    The process you described originally, I was unsuccessful with….don’t know why. But ultimately I like your solution much better because the ‘children’ are visible when rolled over.
    Is this possible with the different portfolio windows on my site?
    Could I make the children: “project description”, “image gallery”, “review”, “media”. So the viewer could select what part of each project they want to see instead of having to open the entire page to each project?



    Hi Laura,

    I think that you can do what you’re describing.

    So, let’s say you have four projects – Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, and Project 4.

    You would make a page titled Project 1. On there you could put whatever text you wanted (and you could make links to your children pages, which you’ll set up next).

    You would make a page titled Project 1 Description and make that a child of Project 1. Repeat that process with Image Gallery, Review, and Media. Here’s the hitch, as I see it: I’m positive you’ll have to have unique page names (so, you couldn’t have all four “image gallery” pages titled Image Gallery – they’d have to be “Image Gallery 1,” “Image Gallery 2” or something along those lines.

    Then, you’d add each page and it’s children to your Custom Menu, as described.

    Does that make sense? Do you want to start setting it up, and if you get stuck you can come back here?

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