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Replacing one blog address with an existing address

  1. philadelphiahealthcorps

    Hi, I'm trying to replace the blog address of my primary blog with the blog address ( from a second blog I own.

    However, whenever I try to change the blog address of the second blog to try to free up for use, instead of allowing the address to be useable for my primary blog, it actually creates a THIRD blog with the changed address, while still keeping the in use. So I still can't use the address for my primary blog.

    What can I do?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. philadelphiahealthcorps

    Can anyone help? I've been browsing other blog url address questions, and I don't seem to find any that fit my problem.


  3. I'm trying to replace the blog address of my primary blog with the blog address ( from a second blog I own.

    Are you using this guide?

  4. How many username accounts do you have? And, is this second blog you have registered under the same username account as the first blog?

  5. philadelphiahealthcorps

    Hi timethief,
    I did follow the guide to change the blog address. I have only one username account. Both blogs are under the same account.

  6. I'll flag this thread for Staff assistance.

  7. philadelphiahealthcorps

    The problem I'm having is when I follow the guide to change the blog address, it's not replacing the existing blog address, but actually making a THIRD blog with the new address. So the existing blog address is still technically in use, and therefore cannot be used for my Primary Blog.

  8. philadelphiahealthcorps

    Thank you!

  9. RATS! I just figured this out. You already own the blog address, so you can't use the changing a blog address guide. Instead you need to transfer the blog content by export and import.

  10. philadelphiahealthcorps

    Since I own the blog address, I can't just give it to another blog I own?

  11. No, the blog already exists, so you'll have to transfer the content manually:

  12. philadelphiahealthcorps

    Will I be able to export/import the existing theme and headers and links?

  13. Themes cannot be exported and imported. Headers are images and will be included. Links? See here >

    Note: all support documentation is at this link

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