Replacing search engine terms section which is not helping us anymore

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    Since for a long time, we have been seeing “Unknown search terms” almost for all searches, I’d suggest to replace that section with a similar one that may continue to help us: Searched Pages.

    If we see which pages are directly accessed by search engines, we can guess the searched subjects as well.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a good idea, I think. Getting a section in the WordPress stats about how many pages are visited from search engines, or direct access, etc, would be awesome.


    I disagree. There are still enough search terms coming through to get an idea which terms are hot. In fact there are still huge chunks of search terms visible.

    If you want to see which of your articles attracted readers, you have the option to look at the wordpress top post and pages section in your stats.

    If you want to know which articles got attention by people using Google, you can open Google Webmaster Tools for further details. Open the tab search traffic, then search queries and then top pages.
    There you can even open each page to get further query details that are hidden in our dashboard. Use this in addition to the wp stats.

    Both together works very well.

    The search engine term stats are still important. If you have huge traffic, you will still find a lot of informations. It´s not the time to kill it yet.



    thanks for your explanations..

    For months, “unknown search terms” have never been less than 90% of all.. Unfortunately, it’s already death for me.

    I could not distinguish which of my posts are followed by regular followers, and which are by googlers.. and that would help me a lot..

    since Rail Turkey is concentrated on a very specific subject, general statistics of google about the most popular words will not help me either, I guess..

    or can I reach to every statistic of terms which I specified?



    Hopefully, you have read the support doc that’s relevant and know that “unknown search terms” is a privacy issue and WordPress.COM cannot provide information they don’t get.



    Yes I already read, and this is my “idea” as a solution to the new privacy rules of search engines. WordPress cannot know the terms, but knows the accessed pages. Remember? This section is for ideas..

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