Replacing the RSS links?

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    I know that using sidebar text widgets, I can certainly create alternate RSS links for my blog content by placing the link to the feedburner version (for example) of my blog’s feed.

    However, since I am using the “White as milk” theme, the links to the “raw” feeds are part of each and every webpage. Some “auto RSS discovery” software seems to get confused with multiple RSS feeds, and goes for the “raw” RSS from the host.

    Is it possible to suppress the automatic RSS feed links in the “White as Milk” theme? Even if I paid for the upgrade to be able to alter the CSS of my blog, this is part of the template, which we can’t modify at any upgrade level (yet).



    Well, although you could hide the links in the footer with the CSS upgrade, there’s nothing you can do to remove the link embedded in the head of the document which is causing the problem. So the short answer is no. For complete control over your feeds you’d need to go down the self-hosted route.


    That is pretty much what I thought, but I wondered if anyone had any “work arounds”.

    Thanks anyways :)

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