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replicate display of recent posts - "The Columnist" blog

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am attempting to do a slight journalistic-style layout using The Columnist theme. Currently, I have the main page to display the recent posts, but I would like to replicate this on other pages.

    To extrapolate, I want to create a new page, which will be accessed from the menu, that will display recent posts in the tabbed style of the main page of The Columnist.

    Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In a word "no". We cannot edit templates or themes on free hosted blogs.

  3. Thanks for your quick reply! Well that's a bugger, but it certainly makes sense. I'll try and find an alternate solution.

    Thanks again for the reply!

  4. The alternate solution is to hire a web host and set up a self hosted install. then you can hack themes free of charge. Here there is no FTP access, we cannot upload third party themes, CSS editing can only be used to change appearance - not functionality, and we cannot edit templates or themes. vs. The Differences

  5. Yeah, I have been kicking around doing a web host, but the person I am doing this for wants to keep it simple and cheap (this is for a class at my university). I was trying to emulate the front page functionality through the custom CSS upgrade, but no dice. A shame we can't edit HTML directly like we can CSS, but oh well. We'll try to find an alternate-looking solution through the wordpress functionality.

    Thanks for your help :)

  6. A shame we can't edit HTML directly like we can CSS, but oh well.

    A shame are you kidding? Allowing bloggers to edit templates and themes on a multi-user blogging platform like this one where all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same underlying template is not possible.

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