Replicating Photojax

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    I’m trying to replicate the Functionality of the Photojax theme homepage preview in an actual site.

    That is to say I’d like a welcome message that disappears and is replaced by a gallery based on the user/viewer’s selection from the thumbnails below.

    How to?

    The best approximation I have is this page:

    Which looks similar, but is wrong.

    The look and Functionality that I want is this:

    Thanks in Advance



    This thread will be moved to the CSS forum for you. Do be aware that the only themes you can customize are these


    You aren’t going to be able to duplicate that. To do that you need some sort of scripting (they use AJAX) and we cannot use script here at for security reasons. I’m not sure what to suggest since I can’t think of anything close to that really.

    You can choose a theme with a post slider at the top, or you can implement a slideshow on the main page, but that isn’t going to be very close to what you are seeing with that theme.



    Thanks thesacredpath, just to clarify, I can’t use wordpress to replicate the layout that Theme forest uses to promote the theme they have for sale for use in wordpress?


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    That is correct. You need to realize that there are different and distinct kinds of WordPress. They are not interchangeable. Here are some details:

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