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Replies to comments as separate comments. Why?

  1. This is probably a dumb question, but why do people reply to comments as separate comments instead of replying within the reply itself? (Boy, if that doesn't sound like some sort of odd tongue-twister!) Is it just to make the comment number count go up or is there something I'm missing? I'm kind of new to this, so forgive the ignorance.

  2. it's just one way of replying. some people prefer this method because they don't have to log in to respond to comments the way you have to if you edit the comment and insert your reply. also, it's easier to respond to multiple comments by writing one comment addressing to the commenters. either way, the good thing is that the commenters are replied to! which in my opinion is better than bloggers who don't reply to their comments.

  3. And for awhile there, Technorati counted each separate comment in the Recent Comments widget as a direct link to your blog. NICE!

  4. Aha, thank you. I just wasn't sure, and it was bugging me. I appreciate the responses.

  5. Also, people check your Recent Comments widget to see if you've replied to them. If you edit instead of making a new reply it looks like you haven't, then they won't re-read the thread.

  6. I just like seeing my avatar - especially when it's a bunch of "myster man" avatars for guests in the comments.

  7. it just feels like i'm spamming my own site if i don't log in to reply. i have exclusive use on my pc's so i can stay logged in, and then i just edit the reply. it's neater that way, and i cant bs anyone about my hits on the site. did i mention its neater? i like neater...

  8. Also, people check your Recent Comments widget to see if you've replied to them. If you edit instead of making a new reply it looks like you haven't, then they won't re-read the thread.

    what raincoaster said doesn't necessarily apply because one would assume that the reader has read a post or two in your blog before leaving a comment, and in reading those posts would realise how you reply to your commenters. so far i have no problems replying to comments in this method, but i respond pretty quickly so maybe that makes a difference?

  9. Try doing it the other way and see. I know I check the Recent Comments widget to see new comments. If yours never show up in there, why would people assume you'd replied?

  10. what do you mean the other way?

    people would assume i've replied by having seen the way i've replied to comments. and i think that most of my first-time commenters are not first-time viewers of my blog; they have been reading for some time before finally commenting, and that would mean they should be familiar with my comment-replying method. also, logically if i keep having a growing number of comments in my posts, it would mean there is some interaction involved with the blogger.

    i check my own comments through 'my comments' in dashboard, hence my method of replying; besides, most of my commenters are from i'm not saying that my method is fool-proof, i'm saying that i think i have smart readers/commenters.

  11. I've noticed that when doing a reply to multiple comments, it tends to get a bit jumbled with numerous "@soandso" and "@whatsyourname" - in those times I"ve thought about using the Sulz method.

    Generally speaking though, I prefer to respond with a new comment.

    It's a matter of personal preference. I don't think their is a right or a wrong way.

    And yes, Sulz' readers are quite intelligent, indeed. :)

  12. haha, kstafford, you're doing what here in malay we call angkat bakul sendiri which means 'carrying your own basket'. :D (to mean praising yourself, hehe.)

  13. Thank you all for the assortment of ideas! I really appreciate the responses here. It's very helpful for a somewhat clueless, fairly new to all of this, little ol' me. So thanks again.

  14. I thought you'd appreciate that I had coined the phrase "the Sulz method." Perhaps it needs a bit more luster. "the Sulz theorem"

    Maybe that's not greek sounding enough to be a theorem....we'll just doctor your name a bit:

    "the Pythagosulzian theorem" - clearly it deserves it's own wikipedia page! :)

  15. Mr. Stafford, 'the Pythagosulzian theorem' is stafford!

    (So I just posted another bad joke here...? oh, my Self...

  16. kstafford: haha, i sound like a horrible snake species! :D (i watched anaconda 2, rerun on tv last night, coincidence?)

  17. i like replying in a different comment, cos i feel what a person said has an entity and i wouldn't want my stuff to be a part of it. maybe it sounds strange, i don't know. i like to keep the comment of others intact, i feel they deserve their own space.

    besides, i like the thought that people will be able to easily find out what i said, because of my avatar in the separate comment. :D

  18. i started commenting within the person's comment...but i changed over to making it a separate comment. i think people notice it more. *shrugs*

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