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    Hi, I’ve looked for this all over the forums and support but can’t find an answer. On my Blog I have two pages ( and wish to put up some more pages going forward).

    In both the “About ScreenPens” and “Digital Resources” pages I have checked off (ie enabled) “comments” in the Dashboard Edit screen. The “Leave a Reply” box appears on the “Digital Resources” Page but DOES NOT appear on the “About ScreenPens” page. Is there some restriction on having “Leave a Reply” boxes on multiple pages? Is this just a bug or restriction in the Theme I’m using? (theme is “Digg 3” by WP Designer.

    Please advise… this is quite frustrating.
    Mike P.

    The blog I need help with is


    The “About ScreenPens” page has a contact form, not a comment box. If you tried to enable comments, perhaps you forgot to click Update Page. (And you did well, because it’s confusing to have a comments box along with a contact form.)



    Thanks. I’ll try it .

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