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    I’ve always replied to my blog comments from the Edit Comments page in my Dashboard. Suddenly, today, I can no longer do that. If I click on Reply, instead of the usual reply box popping up, the screen scrolls to the bottom of the page. I haven’t changed any WP settings.

    The blog I need help with is


    This can happen if the maximum level of nesting has been reached on a particular comment thread. Try increasing the maximum level of nested/threaded comments at settings > discussion.


    Checked and my nested level is set at 10. Besides, the comment I was trying to reply to was the first in a new post.


    I just made one on your blog without a problem.

    Try logging out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.


    I’ve done all that more than once. I’ve even rebooted my computer. There’s no problem leaving comments. I tried to reply to the comment you left. The reply function works from the Dashboard, but not from the Edit Comments page.


    There seems to be some general weirdness going around which make me think staff is having a code party in the backroom (Matt’s the one with the lampshade on his head).

    All I can suggest is to contact staff at .


    Better yet, just wait it out if you can for a couple hours and see if it clears up. There are quite a number of bits of weirdness right now. If staff is rolling out code, it could be a little flakey for a while.


    Thanks for your help. I’ll wait a while.

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