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    Sorry if I’m getting on peoples nerves about this issue, but I’m new to WordPress and I’m having problems. I previously asked for help via support and received a few replys. How do I send a thank you i.e. when I press the reply button it takes me back to my original query and the icons of the people who applied to it. The problem is where do I go from here. When I click on my name, it takes me back to my home page. Now what????

    Thanks for hour help.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    How do I send a thank you

    You don’t. There’s no reason to. This is a support forum, not a personal messaging system.

    A simple comment on your original thread is fine. No need to create multiple threads asking the same question.


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    Please read this:

    clicking on the word “member” under your name brings up the posts you have made:

    When you first come to the forums, you see on the top right of your screen:
    “Welcome februaryfalls”
    Click on that username and you will see your previous posts/threads.


    Tess, OP is looking for a way to PM individual replies to anyone and everyone who posted in the original thread.

    As far as I know, there is no PM system here.


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    When you find your thread on then click on it and you will see your question and folks who replied. Scroll down to the bottom, type your message, and submit it.


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    If that is so, then you should specify that in your reply. Re-reading her other threads, you might be right about what she wants. On the other hand, lots of folks new to don’t know how to find previous threads.

    Oh, and to be clear: there is no way to do private messages. Also we volunteers do not help via email.



    Someone used my personal site’s contact form the other day. While I ‘m glad to help, frankly I no longer expect anyone to say thank you (even though it is nice when they do). If they do, I’d prefer to see it in the thread I helped out on, not in my inbox out of all context, so Tess’ suggestion is spot on.


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    (sorry, I guess you did refer to private messages: ≥^!^≤ )


    I’d prefer to see it in the thread I helped out on,

    Which is also in my initial reply.



    Ok then… glad we’re on the same page. :)


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    Yes, I’ve had quite a few folks contact me via my form on my blog. Some I’ve helped, but mostly I refer them back to the forums. As a volunteer hoping to help as many as possible, private communication is not efficient: here anyone can search and find answers to questions.


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    Oh, and thank you is always very much appreciated.



    The problem is, saying You’re Welcome bounces it back to the top, meaning open problems are buried. That’s why I don’t say it often.

    Well, that and I’m rude.


    To me, acknowledging that the problem or issue is resolved and that one or more of the suggestions offered worked is far more useful than pleasantries.


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