Reply notifications? Easiest ways to reply to posts?

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    I’m one of those people thinking of moving from Posterous, I really like WP so far, but there are two issues that seem like they would be really confusing for my current Posterous subscribers:

    (1) There is no reply by email. This might be the show stopper because I really don’t think some of my members, who are in their 80s and 90s can jump through all the hoops needed to get into post a comment.

    (2) The other issue, which I want to talk about here, is how to followers get notifications of comments?

    In another support post, someone said they just need to set their notifications settings to receive both posts and comments.

    But how is this done? It is far from obvious, even to me.

    Using another email account I became a follower of my blog two ways:

    1. I clicked on Follow in the bottom-right of the page. I then got a confirmation mail and sure enough I received email notifications of posts. But not of comments. I saw no setting anywhere for this when going through the follow process.

    2. I then tried by sending an invitation to my other email account. I received the invitation and accepted it. But it was the same thing. I was not presented with any choice of whether to receive both post and comment notifications. And I received no comment notifications. Same with a friend I invited.

    I’m worried that this is going to be “show-stopper” two: no notifications of comments.

    So right now, despite how beautiful WP is, and how well the import from Posterous works, and how nice auto-posts to both FB and Twitter work, I’m afraid I’ll lose my members ability to participate because they won’t get notifications of replies and won’t, themselves, be able to easily post replies without going through a (for them) complicated multi-step procedure.

    Any thoughts of ways of dealing with these issues would be appreciated.



    The blog I need help with is

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