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    Can somebody help me please. One of the blogs posted life threatening and property threatening information about me , and made it available to public. I already sent 10 requests to wordpress support to review this blog , with clear explanation that information posted directly affect me and my property , but I have not seen any repond back to me nor i saw that the blog was edited. Could you please give me some ideas about how can i reach wordpress support team and inform them about this very seriouse situation !?!

    Thank you in advance



    …life threatening and property threatening information about me , and made it available to public

    (1) Are your referring to a free hosted blog?
    (2) Have you read this?

    Note that negative personal opinions are not considered defamation. In other words, someone calling you names or insulting you on their blog is not grounds for shutting them down. Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, or simply ignoring the issue (blogs who use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place).

    (3) Threats and “spam” are not the same thing at all. Did you receive a threat as a comment on your blog? Have you consulted an attorney?



    Posting information which is publically available, such as addresses and phone numbers, is not considered an invasion of privacy as well.



    Thank you for your reply.

    The information posted explains in details about security system instaled in my property located in another country. The person who posted information gives clear direction that i have no fence around my house and that for security firm that provide security service to my property it will take about 10-15 minutes to come over to my property if alarm triger goes on. So i can not simply ignore this issue.

    I did consulted with attorney but because my property located in another country this issue is more complicated and may take some time for me to resolve.

    So I was looking for a way to inform wordpress support and see if they can help me and delete this information from the blog, because time is very important , and information posted provide clear explanation for a criminals to attemp robbery of my property. I already saw some comments with interest in the posted information and with some quesions to collect more information. I also contacted blog owner but have not seen any respond back.


    We are just volunteers here in the forum, and if you already contacted staff, then I don’t know what else you can do other than try again.



    Like thesacredpath says there is nothing that we can do for you. Please consult an attorney.



    If the poster’s emails are being ignored then the same will probably happen to their lawyer’s emails. Remember the Turkey thing?

    If I were you I would flag the blog as spam through the link on the blue navbar which appears when you’re logged in. At least that way staff might look at it.

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