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  1. Ok so not all admins see every single comment. But a fellow member of the community would!

    It would be nice if there was a Report button below every comment. When someone clicks on the Report button it will trigger an alert and it should display on the Dashboard and then the admin can do something.

    Please put this feature in.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you say "report comment" what exactly do you mean? Every comment and like left on your site will show up as an orange notification in the Admin Bar when you are in your Admin panel or other areas of (just not in the forums). Additionally you can set up your Discussion settings so that you get an email for every comment. You can find out more by reading the Support docs here:

    Since you are so very new to, I hope you've had the opportunity to work through the tutorial that created just for new users

    Best wishes.

  3. Every blog I Admin I look at EVERY comment before it appears on a blog - such a button would be useless to me and not used at all - just a waste of programming time and expense

  4. Good evening, auxclass!

    (Dang! I've used up my daily allowance of exclamation points and it's not even noon here yet. :) )

  5. Morning Morning @justjennifer - hope all is well your way -

    Email for comments can be turned off - some Admin's check the comments only once a day or maybe twice if they are on Moderate - if you don't have a fast paced blog it should not matter if a comment is a bit slow showing up because of Moderation

  6. I meant that in every comment in the Post Screen there should be a Report button to make moderation life easier.

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