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    Was trying to report this slick of scum

    as spam, but after clicking “Report as spam” on the upper right, all that happens is I get bumped to the wordpress main page. Isn’t there supposed to be a “thanks, we’ll zap the bastard” note, at least? Or is the reporting function not working? I also notice that these spam blogs are turning up more and more when I tag surf. Humor seems to be their favourite.

    Just found another one:



    i think it’s a bug. it’s happening to me too when i click on it. try emailing directly to tosreports at wordpress dot com.

    those splogs are everywhere.

    happy hunting!


    “thanks, we’ll zap the bastard” note

    It really showed that? lol


    that’s just so time-consuming. can’t they fix this? can’t they install some sort of filter that weeds out a blog if there are more than – say I dunno – 15 links in a post with no text between them? That would catch them and leave the legit yet heavy-duty linkers alone, don’t you think?



    i’ve reported the bug; don’t know when they’ll fix it.

    you could send feedback for that… =)

    mymyspacelayouts: heh, not literally, but words to that effect. =)


    good idea, will do.

    @spacylayouts: heh! I wish.

    @sulz – feel like such a noob now – can’t find “feedback” – where to send this request?



    heh, they’ve removed the feedback button for some time already. it’s now the support link on top –

    ps. it’s out too, that link, at the moment, along with the features, story and advanced links. you could email support at wordpress dot com.


    i think i’ll just wait til it comes back up, but thanks for that.



    no problem. =)



    I believe this problem has been corrected. At least it’s working on my blogs. I clicked on “Blog Info” and “Report as Spam” and enetered all the details for staff in that form and sent it.

    If this button does not work, and if your support button is not useful because Support is not open you can always send an email to support {at} wordpress {dot} com.



    thanks, we’ll zap the bastard” note

    Hey I was looking for that ‘feedback button’ this morning, so thanks sulz!



    “If this button does not work, and if your support button is not useful because Support is not open you can always send an email to support {at} wordpress {dot} com.”

    The “Report as Spam” is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



    Thanks for clarifying that Mark :)



    Thanks Mark,

    For all the work you do.



    Just reported 5-6 blogs of this kind. They take up the tag surfer screen and are irritating. I would have preferred a filtering mechanism but then I realize that these guys will just work their way around this. Now I am just going to be a responsible blogger and will flag these blogs as spam promptly.


    I cannot locate the support button on my site. where did you put it? also my blog stat chart is not on or not working.



    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.


    I guess all our efforts worked.



    When coming onto any forum the first place to look is at the very top where the sticky posts are. Here’s one called Holiday Support
    HTH :)

    Where is the “support” button on your blog? Look at the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

    I do not know what you are expressing or what you need help with. Please clarify.


    can you fix my blog stats there not on the graph gay wek month?


    What browser and version and you using and what operating system?

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