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    I would like to report two fake blogs:

    These two blogs are owned and moderated by Robert Bonomo,an American con artist that currently resides in Elizovo,Kamchatka,Russia.

    On the first blog,Robert Bonomo pretends to be “Lou”, a Canadian citizen and repeatedly posts publications claiming to be residing in Canada.
    On the second blog,Robert Bonomo pretends to be Maddie Walsh,26 years old blogger from New York City.

    On both blogs Robert Bonomo had managed to mislead a lots of bloggers that he is “Lou” and Maddie Walsh.

    Please stop this scam



    These matters are not discussed on these public support forums that are available to all with internet access. You need to file a compliant and submit it to terms of Service Staff. WordPress.COM please read these so you know how to proceed:
    Defamation, abuse, threats: We suspend content for inciting violence or threatening or impersonating a private person. Please see our abuse process for more information.



    Thank You.I reported the two accounts already.He has some more fake blogs at wordpress ,over 9 !!!Outrageous!


    Thanks for reporting these! One of the Happiness Engineers on the Terms of Service crew will take a look soon! Please note, we won’t necessarily respond to every report, but we do read every single one.

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