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Reporting: Swearing reply

  1. I just found a rude reply that I want to report
    Name: Paintboy101 hater24124
    E-mail: [email redacted]
    IP address:
    Message (Swearing Blocked) Real one in picture: **** you paintboy or whoever made this ***** ***.*****.your a ****.you cheater…musta hacked in cp.****!Mother ******* ******* *****!

    I know I should delete it but this message I had to report

    I will delete the picture after the problem is solved by Support

  2. Edit: Not to menion that I done no action about the message for now

  3. Support does not censor comments. People are allowed to swear on If you don't like the comment on your blog, delete it. That's your right.

  4. Isnt swearing violenting the TOS?

  5. Fuck no. All you have to do is delete the offending comment and you're fine.

  6. If you think it might happen again and you don't want to see those words, you can blacklist those words at Options>discussion and if any show up in a comment, the comment will be marked as spam.

  7. I've specifically made no language restrictions on posts. A waste of time anyway.

  8. Letters Home, please don't make me spew coffee like that.
    and good answer!

  9. This thread is fucking hilarious.

  10. Oh, fine. The ONE time I take the high road and everyone else goes low. Fine.

  11. almightywordslinger

    Don't be so glum, chum. After all, it's not your fault that the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

  12. I aught to know. I paved it myself.

  13. Oh boy...
    after the swearing reply everybody is like swearing here

  14. Not everybody! But it does go to show that swearing's allowed as far as is concerned. Like I said, if it bothers you on your blog delete it. You might also want to make a post about how swearing in the comments is not allowed.

  15. Gosh, you're good rain.

  16. Lol

  17. Lol

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