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    I recently started a photography blog and asked for help in the support forums about the thumbnails that show up on the home page. The thumbnails are automatically set, and they just take a random section from the middle of the featured photo, so some of them are not centered around the subjects, and in some cases, it looks really bad. For example, some of the thumbnails on my site have people’s heads completely cut off!

    The person who got back to me in the support forum said that right now, there is no way to edit what appears in the thumbnail. I think this is a real problem, because it’s a pretty basic feature, and even SNS like facebook allow you to reposition the area displayed in the thumbnail by simply dragging an area of your choosing into the thumbnail square. Anyways, I think WordPress needs to have a similar feature. If you can even do this on sites that aren’t meant at all for showcasing photography, then you should be able to do it on a photoblogging site!

    Please let me know if this feature ever becomes available, as it would be very helpful, not just to me, but to anyone that uses a photography-centered theme on WordPress. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

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