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Repositioning Sidebar to right side

  1. Hi there, wondering if you can help?
    I'm currently using the Contempt theme (Vault9) and was wondering whether it is possible to reposotion the sidebar to the left hand side instead of the right? I have the css upgrade, though I don't know much about how to use css at all. I have searched these forums everywhere and found no specific answer. Is this possible and if so any helpful tips?


  2. Please post your blog url.

  3. Ooops, sorry. First post mistake. My url is http:/

  4. Look for #content in the CSS.
    Switch {float:left}

    If it borks post again.

  5. Put this in your custom CSS upgrade box. Only tested on Firefox.

    #sidebar { margin:-60px 0pt 0pt 0px !important; }
    #content { margin:-70px 0pt 0pt 180px !important; }
  6. atthe404's solution is much simpler. use that instead.

  7. Thanks a bunch guy's, I'll keep you all posted.

  8. Hi again, I tried atthe404's code in the css sheet, I may have done it wrong I posted the code on the sheet but I couldn't find 'content' on the existing sheet. I also tried engtech's code but it just pushed my sidebar to the bottom of the page in IE (haven't got Firefox at work) - are there any other ideas guy's ?

  9. try to append this to the very bottom of your CSS:

    #sidebar { margin-left: 2em }
    #content {
            padding-left: 4em;
            padding-right: 3em;

    the first pagebar button ('Home') is somewhat misaligned with sidebar boxes now -- gotta fiddle with #pagebar padding, border and so on.

    OT: heck, this is a K. again...

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