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    We will go premium in wordpress after we are sure of certain things that we want to achieve. Here is the situation:

    We are three friends who want to open a website about the things we want to write. For example we want to write about games, musics and movies. Aside from the Main page, we want that all of us have individual pages where we can organize our posts under the headline of games, musics and movies indiviually. I know for this we have to open pages that will appear sequentially next to main page button. Doesn’t matter whether we post it either in these pages or as a post in main page but wherever we post it, we want them to appear in each of our pages. If I am not clear enough let me give an example:

    For example I will post a text about a music and I write it in the post section and I send it to main page but then other than it will appear in main page, I want it to appear in my Music section page. I also want all my post appear in tags and categories for viewers to search easily. It is even okay if my posts don’t appear in main page but I know that it is not possible not to post anything with its own comment,tags and category sections so I guess the only solution is to post it on main page and automatically repost it in my own personal page.

    I have been searching menus and pages and categories but I couldn’t manage to handle it. If there is a solution for this, I would appreciate the solution so we can have a happy beginning for our website


    The blog I need help with is



    All you need to do is use the Author widget and a custom menu to link to Category pages. On you cannot separate out different category pages for each separate person on a particular blog, but if you each have a separate blog and link to the category pages of each of those it will work.


    So theorically you are telling me, all these my friends, they have to have their own accounts and naturally blog sites so i can invite them to this single website and they have to log in for every post that they are going to write in this one single website, which will be this one. I hope I understood you correctly. So the viewers can only watch our posts through only author widget and then direct themselves to that author’s page. But it cannot be visible next to main page section, those individual pages we want to create.



    no they dont need to have a blog,if they dont want too, ust study the cusom menu feature,that is what you need

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