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    I have some older posts with galleries that I would like to combine and add into a new post. So these images are already in my media library. And they are already “attached” to older posts. Is there any way to use them as a gallery in a newer post directly from my media library?

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t help without the URL of the blog, starting with http, and hopefully also those of the posts in question.



    Since this works for everyone…

    If you’ve inserted the images in your posts via the Gallery function, you can pull the Gallery in on another page or post by using the PostID# of the original post where the Gallery appears.

    If you mean mix up the images from several posts into a new Gallery, you can do this using the “include” parameter and the image ID#

    In both cases you will have to write the Gallery shortcode and it’s parameters in the HTML editor.

    Very Large Caveat: In order to avoid navigation problems, include ‘link=”file”‘ in your Gallery shortcode, which will force the thumbnail to open the larger image directly rather than in an Attachment page. The reason is that if you use an Attachment page, it will bring the viewer to the original Post/Gallery where the photo was uploaded and inserted


    OK. I was able to figure it out. It was a little complicated figuring out from the examples exactly the spacing for the “include” and “exclude” options.

    How to locate the image ID # is not clear to me. I found it in the “post URL” line in the media library only when I opened the “add an Image” option in a existing post.

    And actually I did not end up using this method . Before justjennifer posted her response I simply uploaded the images a second time from my computer to my new post and deleted the old posts.
    That was probably more work overall but for a html challenged blogger may be the simplest option.

    This page offered a simple explanation along with justjennifers links above:

    raincoaster: this was such a generic question and not specific to my blog that I did not post a URL. This is the completed post:


    Actually when I went back to try to exclude the images from the gallery that I was using as “header” images I was unsuccessful. So I want to exclude the 3 images I have on top from the gallery. The bottom-most image ( “900” ) DID exclude

    This is the post:

    This is the gallery code:
    [gallery exclude=”900,1717-2,1692-2,1237-2″ order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="title"]

    So the last 3 images do not exclude. I also tried it without the -2.

    Is that the correct image id#? I assume the -2 came from the fact that I downloaded and then uploaded the images. Maybe I needed to change the names before I uploaded again? I deleted the previous images from my media library.



    Since we don’t have access to your media library, I can’t see the media ID #, but you’ll see it in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window. This ID# is not the same as the name of the file you uploaded, which it seems you have used in the shortcode above.

    (wonderful work, btw)



    Slight clarification to what I just posted.

    …but you’ll see it in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window *when you hover your mouse over the image thumbnail or name in your media library*

    You’ll see something like h t t p ://

    It’s the numbers that come after “id=” that you need to mention in your include/exclude.


    Thank you. That is finally clear and all working properly. And of course so simple once you understand it.

    (And thanks for the compliment)

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