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REQ: add buttons/drop-down to change font size!

  1. theres buttons for
    paste from word...?!
    remove formatting...
    insert symbol...
    "insert more" ... huh?
    block quote... really...?

    in all these years someone could have slipped in a font-size changer of some sort, either +/- size buttons or a dropdown box ... next to the font color, bold, italic, most natural placement !!! no ???

    going to the html to edit it has been a major pain.

    otherwise everything is nice and dandy :) thx wordpress.

  2. i wanna be able to easily change font size !
    am i the only one?

  3. You don't use blockquote? It's got to be one of the most commonly used icons in blogging.

    But there's a difference between those buttons you mention and the one you want; when you change themes, all the styling for those is going to be changed to work with the new theme. If you set font size, it's SET. And when you change to Chaotic Soul, your size will stay the same; same with colour changing. And if you change to NeoSapien or Chaotic Soul and have set the font size to small and the colour to black, you're hooped and will have to go back and change it paragraph by paragraph.

    I say that so that if you like to switch themes, you're prepared for making those changes.

  4. so i understand it right ... a 15px font in a theme is not the same size as 15px font in another theme?
    ...that doesnt make sense...

  5. It all depends on the font and the size already set in the css.

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