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REQ: Technorati Widget

  1. Something like this would be great for users.

  2. you could send a feedback for this request, as not all threads are monitored by wp staff in the forums.

  3. I believe that engtech just did something very similar to this

  4. Would be great if the creator did it as a widget.

    I don't think it would float. The API key is for non-commerical use and the hoster is commerical.

  5. @ timethief
    I know about the workaround from engtech.
    But i think a simple configurable widget would be great for all the users!

  6. What does it do? I don't mind doing PR for Technorati, but by God there'd better be something in it for me.

  7. It displays your ranking and how many blogs link to you.

    Still think it would be illegal since this is a commerical environment.

  8. All staff would have to do is put in a sidebar widget that uses the Technorati javascript. That doesn't use the Technorati API.

    The Technorati API is !!!!!!!!!HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

    That thing crashes more often then you could believe is possible. It's much more reliable to grab the webpage with the Technorati rank and pull it out yourself. Victims of their own success.

  9. Prior comment deleted.

    Never mind. I am going to try something else first.

    Edit: No luck.

    Pipe Preview

    No pipe results for Technorati Rank RSS Feed

    Went down the list of options, that Engtech has offered.

  10. @velvethammer: Those RSS widgets I created are broken for the time being.

  11. Oh ok. Thanks Engtech. :)
    At least I know now I didn't screw up.

  12. defrostindoors

    Good to know! I felt like an idiot when I couldn't get it to work.

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