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    I’d like to change the Header Image using the default theme. I know it is possible when people download WP and run it in their own webspace. Why don’t you add this feature even in WP.Com hosting?

    I don’t think it is so difficult for you!

    Thank you.



    Some themes have this already.
    It might be quicker if you contact the person who wrote the theme and ask them directly. They can then zip/tar up their theme and submit it to WP.



    “Some themes have this already.”
    Maybe I’m just unobservent, but what theme on wordpress.com allows you to customize the header image? AFAIK, none of them.



    There are a few, the Default and Andreas09 are two that I can remember off the top on my head.



    The customisation is limited to the options they give you, though, you can’t upload your own photo or anything like that.


    I also would like to add my own header that my friend designed for my blogspot blog.
    and add it to my WP blog

    Don’t know if I’m qualified to d/l and host it myself.



    Please read the pink sticky Faq’s and re-read some of the posts in this thread.

    To re-state it. No you cannot add your own header image to the default theme. WP.com blogs allow zero access to template files for security reasons.

    A few themes do have an option to make minor changes (mostly color) to their headers via the presentaion tab.


    Thanks Marc, I have seen some blogs that *had* photos in the header but they also had the wordpress.com in their URL.
    That’s why the confusion. I didn’t realize those blogs were self-hosted.

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